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Server Related

The LambdaMOO Server and Database Archive

On this FTP site you can always find the latest version of the LambdaMOO server and core database as well as other MOO related information and utilities.

Other MOO Core Databases


The mother of all MOOs! This core is the original MOO database built by Pavel Curtis and others. It is the most commonly used MOO core database for starting new MOOs, and even tough it comes with fewer standard features than some of the other available cores, LambdaCore is an excellent choice if you wish to build your own MOO from the ground up. The latest LambdaCore is available from:


A LambdaCore based db that adds significant enhancements. It features a hypertext help system, administration groups, MCP fancy client support, enhanced English presentation tools, and lots of other features. JHCore is available from JHM's FTP site.

Diversity University's eDUcore

Another educational MOO core database based on the Diversity University (DU) core. Contact person Eric Mercer.  

MOO Clients 

tkMOO-light MOO Client

Andrew Wilson's tkMOO-light is an advanced chat client suitable for use with muds and especially MOO and Cold systems. The client uses Sun's free cross-platform environment Tcl/Tk and runs on UNIX, Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Macintosh platforms. A powerful built-in editor allows you to edit mud program code locally or compose mud mail messages before sending them to the mud. The client supports a rich graphical user interface, and can be extended to implement a wide range of new tools for accessing MUDs.


The enCore Xpress telnet applet, MOOtcan, is maintained separately by Sindre Sørensen. Every new enCore release contains the latest version of the MOOtcan applet, but in the interim between releases, any new MOOtcan versions can be found at Sindre's MOOtcan site:

Sindre Sørensen has also written a LambdaMOO server patch which will enable Xpress and MOOtcan to use non-US character sets and keyboard mappings. The patch can be downloaded from:

Useful Information 

MOOniversity Lite: Beginner's Guide to MOOing

This is a short guide to help new users get started with MOOing. This file is also available inside the enCore database. Click here to read it.

enCore Administrators Guide

Designed to help new MOO administrators set up their MOO database and to create new characters. This file is also available inside the enCore database. Click here to read it.

The Official MOO-Cows FAQ

Website with answers to frequently asked questions about MOO and MOO administration. Maintained by Ken Fox.

The LambdaMOO Programmers Manual

Pavel Curtis´s specification of, and manual to, the internal MOO programming language. It´s quite comprehensive and might be hard to understand if you aren´t familiar with computer programming, but it is a document that every MOO administrator should know about. This manual is also available in text and postscript formats on the LambdaMOO FTP site above.

Fringe's MOO Resources

An extensive list of MOO resources and links. Compiled and maintained by Matthew Duhan.

MOO Faq-o-Matic

A Compilation of Frequently Asked Questions related to MOO and use of MOO. Provided as a service to the MOO community by Mark O'Neil and Dartmouth College.

Wizard Basics on Maintaining Your Own MOO

MOO admin's tip sheet with lots of useful information and answers to frequently asked questions. Maintained by Herve Collin with contributions by others.

Mailing Lists 

enCore Mailing List

A mailing list for announcements and discussion of the High Wired enCore educational MOO Core Database. To subscribe, please go to

The MOO-Cows Mailing List

This is an email discussion list for MOO administrators to discuss technical questions related to the LambdaMOO server and database. The list is primarily for MOO administrators, but others are also welcome to subscribe. To subscribe send an email to: "" with the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe moo-cows

The MOO-ed Mailing List

This mailing list is for discussion of the programming, maintenance and pedagogy of educational MOOs. The list is open to anyone who is interested in discussing these issues. To subscribe send an email to: "" with the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe moo-ed

If you know of other online resources for MOO administrators that you think should be included on this page please send us an email and tell us about it.