The enCore Manifesto

What is enCore?

enCore is a powerful online multi-user environment specifically designed for educational applications. It combines unparalelled ease of use and contemporary functionality through open standard internet technologies and the technological power and flexibility of the MOO system (Multi-User Domain Object-Oriented). enCore is Open Source Software available at no cost. It is licenced under the Free Software Foundation's GNU GPL license.

Open Source Software is freedom and empowerment!

Commitment to Education

enCore's educational mission is to provide educators with tools they can use to enhance their student's learning. The enCore team has a lot of teaching experience which went into the design and development of the system, and we always welcome suggestions and ideas from educators on how to improve enCore and add new useful features.

Enhancing education through online environments!

Commitment to User Empowerment

enCore was designed specifically to empower administrators and users alike to make the most out of online learning. Two principal goals constitute the foundation of the enCore project. 1) Make it easy for educators to set up and run educational MOOs. 2) Make it as easy and convenient as possible for users to access and utilize the MOO technology.

Give users the power to harness technology!

Commitment to the User

enCore's graphical user interface (GUI), Xpress, allows for great flexibility in the way users view and experience the MOO environment. Users who don't wish to use Xpress can use the command line interface either via Telnet, or a host of other specialized client programs.

User controlled look and feel!

Commitment to Free, Open, and Flexible Solutions

enCore was built with standard internet technologies MOO, HTML, Java and Javascript. Users can easily access the system with gratis web browsers on all operating systems and platforms where such browsers are available. There is no need for special purpose client programs to use an enCore MOO. Administrators of enCore-based MOOs can easily adapt the enCore database to their specific needs and purposes.

Embracing internet standards and open solutions!

Commitment to Portability

enCore was designed to run on the standard LambdaMOO server. No additional patches are necessary for basic functionality. The enCore database is backwards compatible with LambdaMOO without any proprietary core components.

Stable and portable technology!

Commercial Use

enCore is open to commercial use under the terms specified in the GNU GPL license.