"I'm really pleased to see this kind of dedicated effort being put into using LambdaMOO for education in the right way. I have long been a supporter and a believer in the constructivist philosophy of learning, and it's wonderful to me that there now exists such a tool kit so that groups all over the world can try it out for themselves. This is the kind of progress that really justifies all of my work on LambdaMOO over the years. My heartfelt thanks to the many people responsible for putting it all together in the High Wired enCore."
-- Pavel Curtis
Cofounder and Principal Architect of PlaceWare, Inc.
Creator of LambdaMOO

enCore 4.0

enCore is an online virtual learning environment system built on LambdaMOO. It comes with a built in server-side client called Xpress. enCore was primarily designed for educational use, but can also be used for other purposes. It is perfect for digital community building, online writing projects, online conferencing, distance education programs, or just about any educational endeavour that aims to incorporate a rich and versatile online presence.
The enCore Xpress client makes the system fun and very easy to use. Users can create, edit and share objects, send and receive mail, and even program in an object-oriented language. The traditional MOO command line interface is available for those who wish to use a different client program. More information about Xpress is available here.

More screen shots:Xpress Program Editor, Xpress Inventory Manager, VASE

enCore is distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Download it today and build your own unique online learning environment. If you already have an enCore MOO, you can download the latest upgrade patch to bring it up to the current version. Enjoy!

January 19, 2004: enCore 4.0.1 Released

This is a maintenance release that addresses a few issues that were inadvertedly introduced in version 4.0. It also contains a fix for a recently discovered security hole in the Xpress MOO mailer. This is a recommended update for all enCore 4.0 MOOs.

January 9, 2004: enCore 4.0 Released

enCore version 4.0 represents a total overhaul of the Xpress client. While the interface has only received minor cosmetic improvements, all code generated by the system has been converted to XHTML 1.0 and a new set of utility verbs are now being used for tagging. This version introduces added flexibility such as screen resizing and much more. A new and improved version of the MOO mailer by Daniel Jung is also included.

enCore 4.0 has been successfully tested with Mozilla/Firebird, Safari 1.1.1, and IE 5.2 on Mac OS X, and Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla 1.5 on Windows. Please be advised that new features in this release may break compatibility with older browsers.

You can get the full enCore 4.0 from our download page, where you will also find a patch to update older MOOs to the latest version.

January 9, 2004: TraceBack Released

Jan Rune Holmevik's dissertation TraceBack: MOO, Open Source, and the Humanities has been released under the Open Publication Licence. It is available in PDF format (343 pages) and can be downloaded here

enCore Wins Award!

The enCore project was awarded 1st place in the category "Rhetoric and Writing Software in University Education" at the Computers and Writing 2000 Technology Competition. We are honored to have received this outstanding recognition on behalf of everyone who has contributed to the project. We hope this award and the professional recognition that goes along with it will lead to wider adoption of MOO technology in education. Here is a picture of Cynthia and Jan receiving the award at the Computers and Writing Conference 2000 Awards Banquet in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo courtesy of Bruce H. Leland)