The enCore Open Source Project

What is enCore OSP?

The enCore project was started by Jan Rune Holmevik and Cynthia Haynes in 1997. It was designed to promote and develop the use of MOO technology in education. The central component of the project is the enCore Educational MOO Database.

How You Can Help

We invite anyone who is interested in furthering our project's educational mission to get involved! If you have written a new piece of code for your own MOO, or fixed something that wasn't working properly, and would like to share it with other enCore MOOs, you are welcome to send it to us for review. If your contribution fits the goal and mission of the overall project, we will include it in the next enCore version and in the accompanying enCore upgrade patch.

Protecting Your Rights

The enCore software is distributed at no cost under the GNU GPL license. The GPL ensures that everyone have the right to obtain, modify and redistribute the enCore software, while at the same time protecting authors with copyright to their work. As a contributor to enCore, we want you to get recognition for your work!

All enCore authors must therefore include a copyright statement like the one below in all their contributions.

If your work represents a modification of another work, you should add your own copyright notice below any existing copyright notices. You must not, under any circumstance, remove copyright notices from verbs, texts, or interface. If you make substantial changes to a component you must also include an explanation of what you have done.

In MOO programs, the copyright notice should appear at the top of each verb, in documentation and other types of texts it can appear at the top or at the bottom of the text. We encourage all contributors to read and familiarize themselves with the GNU General Purpose License.