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My dissertation TraceBack: MOO, Open Source, and the Humanities is a study of the history of Free- and Open Source software since about 1970. It also contains case studies on the history of LambdaMOO as well as the enCore project. The book is being released under the Open Publication license and you can download it in PDF format (343 pages, 24.7MB).

Download TraceBack via FTP: Click here to download

The enCore Database

Before you download this software, please make sure you have read and understood the terms of the GNU General Public License under which it is distributed. Also, please read the enCore installation instructions before you proceed.

Download latest version of enCore via FTP: Click here to download

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enCore Upgrade Patches

If you already have an enCore MOO, use the patches below to bring it up to the latest version. Read the instructions in each patch CAREFULLY before you apply them. The commands and verbs MUST be applied in the order they appear in the patch file. Failure to observe these warnings may result in problems and possible damage to your database. Note also that patches must be applied in ascending order because new updates are often based on previous updates. Finally, always make a backup of your MOO database before you apply new patches.

enCore release history

MOO Server Software

To use the enCore database, you need to download and install a MOO server on your machine. If you are setting up your MOO on a Unix machine (recommended) you can download the source code of the LambdaMOO server here:

Version 1.8.1: (Latest, recommended)

Version 1.8.0p6:

For your convenience we have provided binary versions of the LambdaMOO server for certain operating system. Please see our binary archive

If you wish to use a platform other than Unix, or a different type of server, please see Fringe's MOO Resources, a web site compiled and maintained by Matthew Duhan.