We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the enCore project in various ways from contributions of code to bug reports and constructive criticism and feedback. Without their generous help this project could never have existed in its current form. We are also very grateful to Pavel Curtis and the LambdaMOO programmer community for sharing their work so that enCore and other MOO projects could happen. Our most cordial thanks to each and every one.

Contributors to enCore: Jan Rune Holmevik, Cynthia Haynes, Sindre Sørensen, Ken Schweller, Mark Blanchard, Jorge Barrios, Amy Bruckman, Matthew Campbell, John Towell, Gustavo Glusman, Craig Leikis, Juli Burk, Michael Thompson, Rui Miguel Barbosa Pinto, Andrew Wilson, Ken Fox, Matthew Allen Beermann, Jason Nolan, Noel Davis, Stephen Ashley, Hervé Collin, Emma Jane Hogbin, Claudijo Borovic, Alexandre Borgia, Scott Carmichael, Michel Lavondes, and Daniel Jung.