MOO Books

MOOniversity CoverMOOniversity: A Student’s Guide to Online Learning Environments is the first and only textbook that gives a comprehensive overview of educational MOOs. It provides a convenient resource as a combination text, tutorial, and reference book, while guiding students through the exciting and challenging world of synchronous Internet writing and learning environments. Students and teachers will find the material easy to understand as they write to learn with each other and with new friends from around the world. The text shows students how to use the dynamics of real situations to evoke authentic writing in which collaborative and individual learning are enhanced through conversation, research, real-time events, multimedia presentations, and other interactive situations. MOOniversity is an exciting complement to standard writing texts because it provides clear, useful instructions for writing online as well as productive assignments and discussion questions to involve students with the technology by writing in real-time with real people. High Wired CoverHigh Wired is a collection of essays designed to integrate all aspects of the use and administration of the virtual educational communities known as MOOs (Multiple-user, Object-Oriented environments). High Wired's essays are arranged in a practical sequence, beginning with the context and history of MOOs, followed by more technical essays on how to set up and administer a MOO. Subsequent essays discuss applications for the use of MOOs in education, and finally, provide theoretical explorations of the nature of MOO communities. High Wired is at once a textbook, a reference book, and a handbook. Teachers, students, and other interested readers will find that it appeals to both practical needs and theoretical concerns.